Anchorage Municipal Election - Absentee Ballot

If you're a resident, homeowner, or taxpayer in Anchorage, the April municipal election is too important to miss. Over the next few years, the Municipality and the Anchorage School District will face major decisions that require a strong conservative approach. We need fiscally responsible Assembly and School Board members who will guard against thoughtless spending and keep property taxes down. 

 Be sure to be counted. Get your absentee today by following this link:

Alaska's Super Tuesday is up next

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Army chief commits to Murkowski, Sullivan, Young to keep 4-25th in Alaska another year

Army Chief to Murkowski, Sullivan on JBER Cuts: “It Would be Contrary to Strategic National Security Interest”

Proposes One-Year Delay to Examine Strategic Situation

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today U.S. Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan (R-AK) received assurances from the Army that the 4-25 Army Brigade at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson remains strategically vital to our nation’s security and should not be cut at this time. General Milley, Chief of Staff of the Army, traveled to Alaska earlier in February for the specific purpose of observing the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Airborne) of the 25th Infantry Division. 

Today in a Defense Appropriations Subcommittee hearing, Senator Murkowski questioned General Mark Milley about the proposed reductions:

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Alaska in recession; governor toasts president

Alaska is among four states that have been declared in recession, according to Moody's Analytics. The others are North Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming. 

Meanwhile, Gov. Bill Walker of Alaska dined with President Barack Obama at the White House this week, and gushed, "I just want to quickly thank you and your administration for what you've done in Alaska. I've been governor for one year and every cabinet member here I've met with so many times...Mr. President, Alaska was so excited about your unprecedented trip."

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Democrats sue Mallott; oh what a tangled web they weave

DEMOCRATS 'SO MESSED UP, THEY'RE SUING THEMSELVES': Alaska Democrats filed a lawsuit against Lieutenant Gov. Byron Mallott yesterday. It's evidence that the mess they've made of their party just gets stickier, and they keep digging.

Mallott decided last week that according to law, Democrats cannot open up their primary ballots to independent candidates who are trying to gain votes by fooling the electorate. Democrats must run on Democrat ballots and Republicans run on Republican ballots. The same goes for Libertarians and Green Party candidates.

Without joining the Democrats' primary, Margaret Stock, who just left the Republican Party to run as against Sen. Lisa Murkowski, would have to either register as a Democrat or gather about 3,000 signatures on a petition and continue as an independent.

"Margaret Stock has already all-but declared herself a Democrat, so I'm not sure what the point is for retaining her independent charade," said Frank McQueary, vice chair of the Alaska Republican Party. "The Democrats seem awfully lawsuit-happy, trying to litigate their way back into relevancy so they can run her. Why not just do what they did with Gov. Walker and wait until after the primary to fool the voters?"

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What do you think about Walker's income tax? Legislators want to know

The Alaska Senate Labor and Commerce Committee will hear public testimony at 6 pm on Tuesday, Feb. 23, and Thursday, Feb. 25, regarding Gov. Bill Walker's proposed income tax, SB 134.

Alaskans may testify in person in the Beltz Room 105, in the Thomas Stewart Building in Juneau, or via teleconference at their local Legislative Information Office, or may submit written testimony.

They may also testify by phone, but there are limited phone lines into the Capitol, so callers may not be successful if too many calls come in at once. The call-in number is 907-465-4962.

Send your written testimony to

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Alaskans ready to elect a president

They’ve been training for weeks on how to run a proper polling station and, with several great presidential candidates to choose from, these volunteers are expecting a big turnout on March 1.

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Marcia Davis gets wrist slap, not ankle bracelet

GOVERNOR'S DEPUTY CHIEF OF STAFF: The saga continues. We reported how the governor's deputy chief of staff set up a shadow nonprofit for the purpose of raising funds that were secretly transferred to an independent expenditure group to elect the Walker-Mallott ticket.

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Higgins takes a shot at Millett; she responds loaded for bear

PAT HIGGINS, EN GARDE: We were wondering when a Dem challenger would emerge for House District 25, South Anchorage. We wonder no more.Screen_Shot_2016-02-22_at_11.08.28_AM.png

On Saturday, Pat Higgins, the Democrat who sits on the Anchorage School Board, took several potshots at Rep. Charisse Millett during a district townhall meeting at Little Italy Restaurant.

Higgins wanted to know why the Legislature isn't increasing the base student allocation, which is already rocketing far above the rate of inflation.

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Hiring a new president coming soon to a district near you

Good morning. It's Feb. 22, 2016...Reveille time, Republicans! In eight days we head for our district Presidential Preference Poll locations and do our part to hire a president...because that's what we do...District conventions will convene in March...

Our web site,, has complete listings of Presidential Preference Poll voting locations, candidates, and district convention locations-times. Check it out. 

PPP CENTRAL: We're getting our party on! Join us at 7 pm March 1 at The Lofts Hotel in Anchorage, where we will wait for PPP returns to come in from all the districts around Alaska. We'll be in the Kenai Ballroom.

Live music with Ken Peltier will be one floor down, where you can buy a drink to soften the blow of the PPP results. Caffeine and other light refreshments will be in the ballroom. We'll have space for media and a place for you. So join us, and bring a pizza and an opinion with you. 


  • March 1 PPP will be the third time Alaska Republicans have conducted such a poll.
  • The PPP replaces a caucus system that didn't allow as many people to participate as a PPP.
  • 12,700 Alaskans participated in the 2008 PPP.
  • 14,100 Alaskans participated in the 2012 PPP.
  • There are 40 legislative Districts in Alaska, all with voting locations, plus a voting location in Washington, D.C.
  • Each PPP voting location is 100 percent volunteer-run.
  • Only Republicans may participate, but our locations allow you to register Republican on the spot, and then vote.
  • The winners of the PPP will be represented by Alaska delegates at the national convention starting on July 18 in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Candidates must receive at least 13 percent of the vote to be eligible for an Alaska delegate.
  • The PPP vote is binding to our delegates until the third round of voting.
  • Votes are awarded to delegates proportionally, according to party rules posted on our web site.

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