Lindbeck shows he's a Big Government liberal

Steve Lindbeck, a Big Government liberal, believes that the federal government ought to get involved in private sector business decisions; that government ought to pick winners and losers.

Lindbeck this week is criticizing Congressman Don Young for not telling Alyeska Pipeline Service Company who it should hire for ship-escort and spill-response services in Prince William Sound.

"This takes government overreach to a ludicrous level. The idea that a congressman is the arbiter of business-to-business contracts is beyond the pale," said Tuckerman Babcock, Alaska Republican Party Chairman. "Lindbeck's idea of serving in Congress is to decide who works and who doesn't, who gets a contract and who doesn't. What is it with these Democrats who want to dictate to our businesses?"

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Governor shows frustration with governing process


picture_of_ineffectiveness.pngBill Walker is learning that governing is different than campaigning.

But Governor Walker is a slow learner.

Candidate Walker promised to cut government spending by 16 percent. He was emphatic.

Governor Walker has proposed nine new taxes as "non negotiable."

Candidate Walker said he would be a nonpartisan governor.

Governor Walker gave Democrats everything they wanted. Republicans agreed to the budget after paying the ransom.

Last week Walker was so frustrated with the learning process that he would not even meet with Senate President Kevin Meyer or House Speaker Mike Chenault. This is not a governor committed to bipartisanship. He's all in with growing government.

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Big Labor brings out the 'Enforcer'

JUNE 1, 2016

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – The shadow of Jimmy Hoffa has been cast over Alaska. Not only is our state saddled with IBEW-owned Rep. Chris Tuck and Sen. Bill Wielechowski, now the Big Boss himself, AFL-CIO head Vince Beltrami, has launched his quest for Senate.

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Fairbanks tradition continues for 40 years

 fairbanks_republicans.jpgFairbanks Interior Republican Luncheons are a tradition spanning the Fridays of the past 40 years. Last week, some 60 people crowded into the Denny's meeting room to honor veterans and their families.

Jack Schnurr was a combat pilot in Vietnam, flying 285 missions in the war, and Julie Gillette worked on the Minuteman 11 missile project, served in Saudi Arabia as well as Korea.

But it was Susie Swain who stole the show. At 94, she told the story of how she served on a hospital ship in the Mediterranean Sea during World War II. She had taken French in high school, and had no idea how she would ever use it, but the ship had French-speaking prisoners aboard, and her linguistic skills came in handy.

An Alaskan for the past 70 years, Susie met her husband on that ship. "It took a war to bring us together." He died a few years ago at age 100. Susie now resides at the Fairbanks Pioneers Home, where she has an active life that includes being a member of the Fairbanks Women's Club and being an avid Scrabble player.

"Susie set the way for women in the military," said Pat Fink, a friend and fellow Republican. We'll be circling back with Susie to do a profile soon.

The Fairbanks Republican Luncheon will welcome Rep. Dave Talerico of Healy this Friday at noon.

A folded flag for the fallen; we remember



SIMPLY REMEMBER: Remember to pack the bug spray. Remember to check the tires.

Remember to live your life to the fullest this Memorial Day weekend, because for every one of us pursuing our dreams, a family mourns a loved one who served, and who sacrificed.

We of the Alaska Republican Party wish you a happy Memorial Day -- happy because the lamp of liberty still burns bright. No matter how we live out our lives as Americans, rich beyond measure or just scraping by, our true fortune is in our freedom.

And we also wish you a reflective Memorial Day. This is also time of reverence. We'll see more flags fluttering in the Alaska summer breeze this weekend, and we can be sure that they were posted by a patriot, in a spirit of love and pride.

Love, pride, patriotism, and loss: The burdens of the families who have buried a warrior are different burdens than those borne by others.

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On being Republican, young, optimistic

Join the party! Alaska Republicans welcome you!

Cuts first before talking taxes


The Alaska Legislature's challenge for the past year has been to bring down agency spending and ensure enough cash comes in to pay for a trimmed government.

Indeed, passing a budget is the only constitutional requirement the Legislature has.


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Medicaid providers are told state can't pay them now

Doctors and other Medicaid providers around the state began receiving letters today from the Alaska State Department of Health and Social Services stating that their payments would be delayed because the state has run short of money. The letters were dated May 24, but there has been no notification from the Office of the Governor that payments were being withheld in his signature Mediciad program.

The letter, from Margaret Brodie, Director of the Division of Health Care Services, said that the delay is necessary due to a "tight budget situation" in the current fiscal year. Brodie's letter says the solution will come as "Medicaid funds are reallocated among accounts."

"Doctors are getting stuck in this shell game, using doctors as political pawns," said one medical provider, who asked to remain anonymous. "Shame on them for dragging doctors into a reimbursement that is questionable as to whether it even meets our costs, and now to delay payments because the State is out of money?"

The letter received by providers:

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Luke Hopkins leaves AGDC board under pressure

TOO MANY CONFLICTS: Luke Hopkins, who once served as mayor of the North Star Borough and who was just confirmed to the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation board by a narrow margin, has abruptly resigned from the board.

Earlier this month, Hopkins announced he is challenging Sen. John Coghill for his North Pole (District B) seat.

The Alaska Republican Party then challenged whether he could serve on the AGDC board and run for partisan office at the same time, per AS 39.25.160.

"Although I remain fully committed to the success of AGDC's mission, my decision to run for Senate necessitates my stepping down from the board," he wrote to the governor in a letter dated May 25. "Whether or not it is legally permissible to serve on the board while running is irrelevant—the work of AGDC is simply too important to risk it becoming further politicized by my campaign."

Gov. Walker spent a lot of political capital to get Hopkins on the AGDC board starting in November. He squeaked by the legislative approval, 31-27, in February. Walker has, in the past year, replaced the entire board of AGDC except for Dave Cruz, and fired the president of the corporation, Dan Fauske. The board has yet to complete the hiring of a new president.

Truckers withdraw support for gasoline tax

In a May 24 letter to Gov. Bill Walker, the Alaska Trucking Association has withdrawn his support for the governor's proposed increase to the fuel tax. The letter, signed by ATA Executive Director Aves Thompson, is excerpted here:

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