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A note from our former Governor Sean Parnell is great reading. There's no reason to condense it, and he's granted me permission to share it with you:

"It has been nearly five months since I left office following the election loss. New state officials direct departments, the 2015 legislative session is complete, or nearly so, winter is giving way to spring across Alaska, and life has moved on for Alaskans, including the Parnells.
On the personal side,…
Back in November and December 2014, the election loss felt anything but good. At the time, Sandy wisely counseled that neither she nor I should rush into a new job, that we should rest, enjoy our family and friends, and think deeply about next steps. We have done all that and more.
Sandy and I took our first vacation alone together in several years. We walk and hike together about 100-120 miles every month, we read together, and, yes, we spend precious hours with Rowan, our grandson, and with other family members and friends.
Today, I can honestly say that the sting of loss has been replaced by contentment. That’s, in part, because I can look back and say with certainty that our administration produced more opportunity for Alaskans. It’s also because in the present and looking forward, I have faith that God has a purpose for each of us, regardless the outcome of one election.
Still, reading that we are “content” should not be confused with being done. Instead, contentment means we can forge ahead from a solid foundation, in wholeness, without bitterness.
Thinking deeply about what comes next, Sandy and I speak often about how our lives will remain a service to others—both in our volunteer work and in our paid private sector work.
We continue to give time and money to the cause of eradicating domestic violence, sexual assault, and trafficking from our state. That fight was part of who we were as a couple long before I was governor and that part of our lives will continue.
By way of example, Sandy and I recently participated in the Mat-Su Valley’s “No More” domestic violence summit. Several weeks before that, we participated in the Anchorage Choose Respect march. And, two nights ago, Sandy participated in an event on behalf of “Priceless,” a ministry that aids trafficking victims.
On the professional side…
I carry the same priorities into the private sector that I had as governor—namely, creating opportunity for us and future generations, whether through public policy, natural resources, energy, safe homes/strong families, good governance, etc.
In March, I began work as a consultant on a project for the U.S. House Leadership (House Republican Conference) to better connect them with the governors and state leadership of our country. That project continues through the summer.
In late April, I joined with John Moller as co-owners to form a company called Navigate North Consultants, LLC (or “NavNorth” for short). Our business model is one where we tailor management and public policy solutions for our clients by bringing together our deep experience with a network of experts we can pull from every field of specialty. Between us, John and I have decades of experience across hundreds of communities, in every industry. With the thinking and action produced through us and the other experts we can call on to assist clients, we can produce lasting results.
NavNorth has already attracted the attention of natural resource companies, construction companies, and several Alaska Native Corporations. Currently, we are evaluating and negotiating commercial leases for office space in both Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley.
Sandy and I live in Alaska and plan to remain here. We are Alaskans to the core and our future remains knit with other Alaskans. Together, we will continue to work again as private citizens to make this the greatest place in the country to live, work, and to raise a family. Life moves on, but living lives of purpose remains.
 All the best, Sean Parnell"

To reach Sean Parnell through his company, the number for Navigate North Consultants, LLC is 907-538-9088.


Ralph Seekins, national committeeman out of Fairbanks, has been appointed to the arrangements committee for the 2016 GOP convention in Cleveland, OH. We know he'll get that balloon drop right.

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