Alaska Republican Party Picnic is August 11


The Young Republicans have taken charge of this year's annual Alaska Republican Party Picnic, and they've made some big improvements.

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First, note that the venue has changed from Kincaid Park to the Alaska Native Heritage Center, 8800 Heritage Center Drive. The party starts at 6:30 pm.

They've also changed up the menu and added a lot to it. There will be food trucks with food for sale, beverages garden, free hot dogs and soda, and more candidates, clubs, and Republicans than ever.


Chairman issues statement regarding delegate votes

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- Alaska Republican Party Chairman Tuckerman Babcock issued the following statement after the Republican National Committee misreported Alaska delegates’ votes for the presidential nominee:

“The RNC interpreted our state party rules incorrectly. Our vote on the floor went forward the way Alaskans wanted them to. We honored the voters of Alaska: 12 for Cruz, 11 for Trump and 5 for Rubio. We regret that the RNC did not discuss this with the Alaska delegation.

“We are all united behind Trump/Pence.”

Alaskans in Cleveland

ALASKANS IN CLEVELAND: Schedule here. U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan will speak during prime time on Tuesday evening, so tune in and watch for the Alaskans in the true-blue kuspuks going nuts when their Dan takes the stand. FYI, those summer kuspuks look amazing and Cleveland looks hot!

Delegates Elijah Verhagan, Erick Cordero and Alaska Republican Party Chairman Tuckerman Babcock in Cleveland. More pictures on our Facebook page throughout the week.

ALASKANS IN CLEVELAND II: The best way to get a play-by-play on the Alaska delegation at the Republican National Convention is to follow delegate Erick Cordero, as he videotapes all the events and uploads them on YouTube. Short videos give a real sense of what the scene is like. Great job, Erick.

ALASKANS IN CLEVELAND III: Republicans are growing in unity behind the Trump-Pence ticket, reports Party Chairman Tuckerman Babcock. "We live in a binary system and it's either Trump-Pence or Hillary Clinton. That's going to be an easy choice for a lot of voters come November."

LAND TRANSFER: The Republican Platform Committee accepted the recommendation from Alaska delegate Judy Eledge to include the transfer of Alaska's federal lands to the State of Alaska. This measure will be voted on the floor of the convention and, if accepted, will become part of the party's platform.

MAKE CONVENTIONS GREAT AGAIN: Alaska's delegation is staying a 35-minute bus ride away from the convention itself. Complaining? No, because they know California's delegation is 1.5 hours away. Hotel space for California's 500 delegates, alternates, and guests was difficult to find, so they holed up at the Africa-safari-themed Kalahari Resort in Sandusky. The hotel is attached to the nation's largest indoor water park, complete with a massive water slide and indoor lazy river. But there's that three hours on the bus every day...

TRUMP'S LOUD-AND-PROUD FEMALE SUPPORTERS:  T-shirts, lipstick, high heels and attitude. Understanding the women who are on the Trump Train: They have a honey-badger-don't-care thing going.

Alaska's Senator Sullivan to speak at Republican Convention

Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan will be one of the speakers at the Republican National Convention. The exact time will be announced soon, but it will be in “prime time” for television viewers.

Sullivan will be flanked by several freshmen senators and congressmen who ushered in a strong Republican Congress in 2014.

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Governor crosses line on threats

ANCHORAGE – Gov. Bill Walker is using his official office to campaign against citizens running for office if they don’t satisfactorily answer his questions about his proposed taxes.

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Schedule for Cleveland GOP nominating convention

Details from Cleveland as the Republican Nominating Convention begins to shape up:

The Platform Committee met on Monday and Tuesday. The Republican National Committee holds its summer meeting today, July 13, with Alaska National Committeewoman Cynthia Henry, National Committeeman Peter Goldberg, and Alaska Republican Party Chairman Tuckerman Babcock in attendance.

The Rules Committee meets on Thursday and Friday, July 14-15.

JULY 18, 1 p.m. - Convention opens. The lineup of speakers to be announced. Check back here for updates.

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Justice Department decision unites Alaskans against Hillary

July 07, 2016

FAIRBANKS – Alaska Republican Chairman Tuckerman Babcock issued a statement in response to the Department of Justice’s refusal to charge Hillary Clinton:

“What Clinton has done as Secretary of State is egregious on many levels and Alaskans know it. Others have gone to jail for much less, or lost their jobs.” Babcock said. “The director of the FBI said Hillary’s unsecured servers in her home bathroom were not authorized and they were almost certainly breached by foreign entities hostile to the United States.

“Hillary was ordered to turn over all her work-related emails, and she didn’t. She erased an unknown number of them. Clinton has been given a complete pass time and again.

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Cruise through Panama filling up

The first ships have passed through the expanded Panama Canal, making history. The $5.4 billion expansion of the 102-year-old canal took 10 years and 40,000 workers to complete.

Come along with Alaska Republicans as we cruise through the Panama Canal this year as well.

We'll visit Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.

We'll walk the famed fortress city of Cartagena, Colombia, snorkel among endangered turtles in the Bahamas, and have the time of our lives as we head for port in Florida.

This is your bucket list trip of a lifetime through the famed Panama Canal.

But it's even better because you'll be cruising with Alaskans such as Alaska Republican Party Chairman Tuckerman (and Kristie) Babcock, and Must Read Alaska's  editor Suzanne Downing. It's all for the ARP Governor's Fund, to elect our next Republican governor in Alaska...But it's also all for the fun of it!

Don't miss out, book today by calling Melody at 425.869.6729.




Victory Team Announced

ARP chairman names Drue Pearce as chair

 Anchorage, Alaska –Alaska Republican Party Chairman Tuckerman Babcock named the following Alaskans to the Victory 2016 Committee, which will head up Alaska’s efforts in the federal campaigns, focused on the race for the Presidency, and including efforts to promote the entire federal ticket with the U.S. Senate, and U.S. House of Representatives:

  • Drue Pearce, Chair, Victory 2016
  • Lesil McGuire, Co-Chair, Finance
  • Jerry Ward, Co-Chair, Rural Alaska
  • Mike Robbins, Co-Chair, Events and Activities
  • George Lamoreaux, Vice Chair, Volunteers
  • Stephanie Haydn, Vice Chair, Finance
  • David Morgan, Vice Chair, Special Events
  • Jim Crawford, Alaska Spokesman for presidential campaign

Ms. Pearce is the former senate president of the Alaska Legislature, while Lesil McGuire serves as state senator and Jerry Ward is a former state senator. Mike Robbins is a businessman and Trump alternate delegate to the National Convention, and Jim Crawford is a past Alaska Republican Party chairman. 

“We have an experienced and motivated leadership team that will support our party’s efforts to win the presidency,” said Chairman Babcock. “November is not far off and we have work to do to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House. I am proud of this leadership team, which is ‘in it to win it’ in November.”

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