Is the honeymoon over for Gov. Bill Walker?


Alaska's Attorney General Craig Richards last day is today, JUNE 23, 2016. He is also resigning his role as a board member of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corp. Sources are now saying that Richards may be put on contract with the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation, a move that is hinted at in the announcement below.

Richards' letter of resignation.


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Berkowitz raising parking fees downtown


It's not just Alaska's Tax Governor Bill Walker who wants to skim your paycheck. Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz is also finding ways to pickpocket shoppers downtown.

Free Saturday street parking was once a draw for downtown shoppers who just needed to pop into an Anchorage business to pick up an item, have lunch, or get a haircut.

In the past, residents had learned to do their downtown shopping on Saturdays so they didn’t have to pay an extra $5-$10 for the privilege of shopping locally. The downtown Saturday market was a great family outing in the summer.

That was then, this is now. Street parking will be metered on Saturdays same as Monday through Friday, and meter rates will go up along with parking lot fees, the city announced Monday. One parking lot will double its price on July 1.

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Governor issues imperial order: No use of my image

Showing his sensitivities to his image,  the governor told members of the Legislature that they may not use his image without his permission. A screen shot of the memo outlines the terms, as relayed by his legislative liaison Darwin Peterson:


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Election deadlines on horizon


Alaska’s Primary election is Aug. 16, eight weeks and change. Before then, General Election and Primary deadlines provide a to-do checklist for candidates, campaigns, and parties:


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Sullivan withdraws from Senate bid

June 16, 2016

ANCHORAGE - Former Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan withdrew his name from the US Senate race today by issuing the following statement:

"I was asked just one day before the filing deadline, by conservative leaders that I know and respect, to consider running in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate. I filed the following day to keep that option open as I vetted whether or not that would be the best path forward for my family and for Alaska.

"Over the past two weeks, I have had the opportunity to talk to hundreds of people both statewide and nationally about a potential campaign. It is clear that there is significant financial support available from individuals and organizations for conservative candidates like myself. Additionally, polling data shows that this primary could be extremely competitive.

"However, after evaluating that information and discussing options with friends and family, I have decided to withdraw from the August primary election. I believe I can best serve Alaska by staying in Alaska and working on local and statewide issues. Our recent success with the “Save the Tax Cap” initiative (Prop. 8) is an example of the type of issue on which I will continue to lead.

"I know this announcement will be disappointing to those who encouraged me to run and to those who expressed support after I filed. I can assure them that today’s announcement does not preclude my continued involvement in public affairs or from seeking another elected office in the future if I feel I can truly make a difference.

"Lynnette and I love Alaska and the amazing lifestyle and opportunity it provides us. We are truly blessed."

Sullivan filed for US Senate on June 1 to challenge Lisa Murkowski, Alaska's senior senator.

His name has been mentioned in political circles as a strong possibility for governor, a race that will start in 2017 and that could be a three-way contest with sitting Gov. Bill Walker, an independent, and a Democrat such as Mark Begich, who has been building an extensive organization throughout Alaska.

When asked about his interest in being governor, Sullivan said it was far too early to consider it.

Capital City Republicans Salmon Bake


Trump event planned for Anchorage


Republican women's club event brings out the best in Mat-Su


Republicans endorse Rauscher over Colver

June 11, 2016

Anchorage, Alaska – The Alaska Republican Party State Central Committee unanimously endorsed Republican George Rauscher for House District 9. Rauscher has challenged incumbent Jim Colver, who is also registered as a Republican.

The vote came after months of discussion and analysis about Colver’s performance as a legislator. He has served the district, which stretches from the Mat-Su to Valdez and Delta Junction, for just 18 months.

 “I’m thrilled the ARP is moving to the right, is backing conservatives and is willing to get rid of RINO’s (Republicans in name only),” said Carol Carman, District 9 chair.

 District 9 was supported in its endorsement of Rauscher by neighboring Districts 7, 10, 11, and 12. District 8 has not met in recent months.

Tuckerman Babcock, chairman of the Alaska Republican Party, said the vote was not taken lightly, and that everyone had the opportunity to weigh the pros and cons of taking a stand against a Republican incumbent. 

 “The districts had a very methodical process, and I applaud them and the State Central Committee for their diligence,” Tuckerman said. “Now, we all need to get behind the endorsed candidate, George Rauscher, and help him succeed in defeating a politician who has been rejected by his region.”

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Chairman issues statement on Obama endorsement of Hillary

June 10, 2016

Anchorage, Alaska –Alaska Republican Party Chairman Tuckerman Babcock released the following statement in response to President Barack Obama’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president.

“Hillary is the worst choice for Alaska. She has come out in favor of shutting down the Arctic, is against states’ rights, has vowed to take away our guns, and will continue the disastrous social engineering policies of the Obama White House. Add to that her record of ineptitude when it comes to safeguarding America’s security, and she’s simply unfit for office.

“Alaskans – even Democrats – are solidly opposed to a Hillary Clinton presidency. A Clinton administration would be the equivalent to giving Obama a third term in office, and Alaskans are a lot smarter than that.”

 Babcock welcomed U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch to Alaska, and suggested she give her fullest attention to Hillary Clinton’s possibly criminal use of a personal email server to conduct sensitive, classified communications while she was secretary of State. "Alaska has excellent grand juries," he noted.

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