Oil production finally inches up in Alaska

FIRST YEARLY INCREASE IN NEARLY 15 YEARS: The Alaska Republican Party responded favorably to data showing annual North Slope oil production increasing for the first time since 2002.

Surprisingly, the announcement came not from the State, but from the Alaska Oil and Gas Association, which released this statement on Saturday:

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Proceed with caution on oil and gas tax overhaul


In Thursday’s editorial, the Juneau Empire augured into the depths of oil and gas tax credits, and spudded some misconceptions.

Tax credits are complicated, but let’s first make it clear that HB 247, Gov. Bill Walker’s bill, is a major rewrite of energy tax credits, and would completely overhaul the relatively young SB 21 tax system itself. Bill’s bill needs work.

 Is the governor really prepared to kill the only commercially viable natural gas we have?

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Adam Trombley for West Anchorage Assembly on April 5



Trombley is the only candidate in the West Anchorage race who supports the tax cap.

He is endorsed by former Mayor Rick Mystrom.

A third-generation Alaskan, Trombley served on the Assembly for East Anchorage from 2011-2014, including serving as vice-chair.

He and his family now live on the West Side. Adam is known on the Assembly for his strong work ethic, fighting the growth of property taxes, reducing the size of government, and ensuring funding for public safety.

We need Adam Trombley back on the Assembly to fight for everyday Anchorage residents.

Terre Gales for East Anchorage Assembly on April 5



Terre is a working class conservative, combat Air Force veteran (Iraq and Afghanistan), who works as a safety officer. 

Raised in a drug-infested neighborhood in Hampton, Va., he sought a better life and went USAF at age 19, and was stationed at Elmendorf.

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Rubio to retain five delegates earned on March 1


March 28, 2016 


Marco Rubio to Retain Five Alaska Delegates

 ANCHORAGE, AK – Former presidential candidate Marco Rubio has requested – and been granted – the right to keep the five delegates he won during the Alaska Republican Party’s Presidential Preference Poll on March 1.

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Alaska GOP Presidential Preference Poll final tally puts Bernie-Hillary in the dust

BERNIE COUNTRY? Alaska Democrats turned out 10,600 people for their Saturday caucuses, 1,800 more than they did in 2008. 

Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders took 81 percent of the caucus vote, winning one district (Homer) by 100 percent. The Democrats registered (or fixed the registrations) for 1,000 new Democrats, according to reports.

In contrast, Alaska Republicans turned out 23,010 people on March 1 for the Alaska Republican Presidential Preference Poll, nearly double our 2008 turnout. Approximately 5,000 Alaskans registered or updated their state registration at the 2016 Republican PPP.

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Alaska Republicans, Anchorage NAACP sign historic joint resolution

NAACP-Anchorage President Wanda Greene, and ARP Chairman Peter S. Goldberg.

ANCHORAGE - The Alaska Republican Party and the Anchorage chapter of the NAACP have signed a joint resolution to support criminal justice reform.

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Vote Yes on Eight on April 5


History: In October, 2015, the taxing majority on the Anchorage Assembly created a loophole in the property tax cap. The loophole allows the Muni to increase our property taxes dramatically. For someone who owns a home valued at $300,000, that means an additional $1,217 more per year in property taxes. Former Mayor Dan Sullivan is among the champions of Proposition 8, because he knows exactly where that loophole takes us as a community - down the drain.

That's not what the current mayor is telling you, however.

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Walker misleads on oil revenues; reporters bite

JUNEAU - Governor Bill Walker has said it publicly; Rep. Andy Josephson has repeated it. Alaska Democrats are parroting it.

So it must be true that the State of Alaska is giving more money in oil tax credits than it's currently receiving in oil revenues, right?

Actually....it's wrong.

By the governor's own spring revenue forecast numbers, oil is sending more than $1 billion to State coffers this year.

But to hear the governor tell it, oil is only providing $690 million to the State: 

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Walker changes mind again; insists on taxes now

While Revenue Commissioner Randall Hoffbeck said last week that an income tax is unlikely to pass this year, his boss has a different idea. Governor Bill Walker shot off a letter to legislators today, demanding they implement a broad-based tax this year, or else he'll keep them in special session until they do.

The governor's letter is to the point, saying taxes are nonnegotiable for him. Earlier this year, he said all options were in pencil; today he writes that they are in pen. We include the letter in its entirety here:

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