A folded flag for the fallen; we remember



SIMPLY REMEMBER: Remember to pack the bug spray. Remember to check the tires.

Remember to live your life to the fullest this Memorial Day weekend, because for every one of us pursuing our dreams, a family mourns a loved one who served, and who sacrificed.

We of the Alaska Republican Party wish you a happy Memorial Day -- happy because the lamp of liberty still burns bright. No matter how we live out our lives as Americans, rich beyond measure or just scraping by, our true fortune is in our freedom.

And we also wish you a reflective Memorial Day. This is also time of reverence. We'll see more flags fluttering in the Alaska summer breeze this weekend, and we can be sure that they were posted by a patriot, in a spirit of love and pride.

Love, pride, patriotism, and loss: The burdens of the families who have buried a warrior are different burdens than those borne by others.

As we unfurl a weekend of food and freedom, remember to pick a name of someone who has died in service to our country, and fold a flag in your heart in memory of that someone and their families.

Our warriors didn't want thanks, but they did want to be remembered. Carry them with you this weekend in remembrance.

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