Alaska GOP Presidential Preference Poll final tally puts Bernie-Hillary in the dust

BERNIE COUNTRY? Alaska Democrats turned out 10,600 people for their Saturday caucuses, 1,800 more than they did in 2008. 

Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders took 81 percent of the caucus vote, winning one district (Homer) by 100 percent. The Democrats registered (or fixed the registrations) for 1,000 new Democrats, according to reports.

In contrast, Alaska Republicans turned out 23,010 people on March 1 for the Alaska Republican Presidential Preference Poll, nearly double our 2008 turnout. Approximately 5,000 Alaskans registered or updated their state registration at the 2016 Republican PPP.

Only 4,500 Democrats showed up for the Anchorage Democratic Caucus, and another 400 in Eagle River. Compare that to the 7,000 Anchorage Republicans who voted in the March 1 Republican Presidential Preference Poll, and the additional 2,400 Eagle River/Chugiak Republicans. 

One political observer notes that Alaska Democrats are becoming more "hard left." In 2008, Barack Obama won 75.2 percent of the Alaska caucuses, with Hillary Clinton getting 24.7 percent. This year, they moved farther left still, showing they'd rather take a Socialist than their party stalwart. 

WHAT THE MEDIA DID NOT REPORT: The Dems turned out 15 percent of their voters, while we Republicans turned out 17 percent of ours. Republicans increased turnout statewide by 162 percent over 2012.

GOP 2016 Turnout Compared to 2012 Turnout
Region                 Turnout                 % Increase
  I - Interior             2774                  122%
II – Matsu                6040                  169%
III -  ER/E Anc          3337                  156%
IV – NW Anc             2196                  191%
V – S Anc                 3257                  180%
VI – Kenai                 3695                  167%
VII – SE AK               1711                  165%
Total                         23,010                162%

FUN FACTS ABOUT DISTRICT 31 KENAI-HOMER:  571 Democrats caucused there on Saturday, including 498 in Homer and 73 in Kenai. To compare, the Republican PPP turnout for District 31 was 1,008. Republican turnout exceeded Democrat turnout by 76.53%.

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