Alaska Republicans, Anchorage NAACP sign historic joint resolution

NAACP-Anchorage President Wanda Greene, and ARP Chairman Peter S. Goldberg.

ANCHORAGE - The Alaska Republican Party and the Anchorage chapter of the NAACP have signed a joint resolution to support criminal justice reform.

The resolution asks the State of Alaska to create alternate justice avenues for minor drug and alcohol offenses, and to divert offenders into supervised release, counseling, and programs that promote rehabilitation; it asks the Department of Corrections to further collaborate with the business community to assist with employment training, search, and placement prior to release from incarceration; and it resolves that unless directly relevant to the job qualifications, employers should not, during the initial job application process, inquire as to past convictions.

“This doesn’t prevent background checks, but we want people to be allowed to apply for work and have a chance to make it through the application process, before a background check is conducted,” Alaska Republican Party Chairman Goldberg said.

Goldberg and NAACP-Anchorage President Wanda Greene received the support from their respective organizations to sign the agreement.


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