Big Labor brings out the 'Enforcer'

JUNE 1, 2016

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – The shadow of Jimmy Hoffa has been cast over Alaska. Not only is our state saddled with IBEW-owned Rep. Chris Tuck and Sen. Bill Wielechowski, now the Big Boss himself, AFL-CIO head Vince Beltrami, has launched his quest for Senate.

In a move straight out of a 1920’s movie, the Boss decided that using members’ hard-earned dues to promote a tax-and-spend economic decline isn’t enough. Beltrami wants a Senate seat, but isn’t honest with voters, even from the first moments of his campaign.

Tuckerman Babcock, chairman of the Alaska Republican Party, put it bluntly: “Beltrami can’t even tell the truth about who he is. A longtime union boss, a life-long supporter of Democrats, the Big Boss files for a Senate seat as a unaffiliated candidate. Really?”

The mastermind of using Democrats to inflate state spending, limit economic opportunities for merit-based businesses, and fight tooth-and-nail for cost-inflated closed-shop contracts, Beltrami knows his fight against well-respected incumbent Sen. Cathy Giessel won’t be won if he tells voters the truth.  

“It is hard to imagine a more angry, power-hungry and blind partisan than Vince Beltrami,” said Babcock. “His entire base of tactics since taking over the AFL-CIO consists of bullying people to support his goal: To pick the pockets of every business and Alaskan to support his big-labor cronies.”

Babcock stated, “Big Boss Beltrami won’t be able to campaign on his merits, so we expect nothing but five months of attacks on pro-business, pro-Alaska Sen. Giessel. Open-minded individuals who care more about the common good will not be fooled. We expect the Boss to have a bad night on Nov. 8th, as the Alaska Republican Party will work hard to ensure a return to Juneau for Senator Giessel.” 

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