Decisive victory for Republicans

Alaska Republican Party Chairman Tuckerman Babcock today issued the following comments in response to the 2016 General Election: 

“Alaskans just won a more hopeful future for our state with President-elect Donald Trump. It means we won a stronger Supreme Court. It means we won with a more friendly Department of Interior. It means we have hope to unwind the disaster that is Obamacare.  

"Nationally, Republicans won the President, the US Senate and the US House. We even added three more Republican governors, bringing the total to 33. 

“We as Alaskans retained our winning team in Washington with Sen. Lisa Murkowski by a 15 percent margin, and Rep. Don Young’s resounding 14 percent margin. And we voted for Republican Donald Trump by a 15 percent margin." 

“At the state level, Republicans retained control of the Senate, in spite of massive spending by Democrats to unseat Sens. John Coghill and Cathy GiesselWe won all three open seats." 

“Republicans also retained control of the state House, 21-19, even though Democrats tried to plug themselves in as independents in a number of races. Republicans were outspent, but the Democrats bait-and-switch tactics came up empty. We retained eight open Republican seats and lost none. Just two incumbent Republicans were defeated, and although we came heartbreakingly close with some Democrat incumbents, our challengers did not prevail.  

“The takeaway is that Alaska is solidly conservative, with statewide candidates sweeping by a surprisingly uniform 15 percent margin. Voters chose the Republican team: Fiscal responsibility, jobs and development, low taxes, and smaller and less intrusive government. That message has come across loud and clear.” 

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