Lindbeck shows he's a Big Government liberal

Steve Lindbeck, a Big Government liberal, believes that the federal government ought to get involved in private sector business decisions; that government ought to pick winners and losers.

Lindbeck this week is criticizing Congressman Don Young for not telling Alyeska Pipeline Service Company who it should hire for ship-escort and spill-response services in Prince William Sound.

"This takes government overreach to a ludicrous level. The idea that a congressman is the arbiter of business-to-business contracts is beyond the pale," said Tuckerman Babcock, Alaska Republican Party Chairman. "Lindbeck's idea of serving in Congress is to decide who works and who doesn't, who gets a contract and who doesn't. What is it with these Democrats who want to dictate to our businesses?"

Don Young has always represented the core conservative principle that government should not interfere with private industry; that, as Ronald Reagan stated, “Government is not the solution to our problem; government IS the problem.”

For Lindbeck to use a private company hiring decision to show how he’d be different than Congressman Young demonstrates clearly why Alaska needs Don Young – now more than ever.

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