Rubio to retain five delegates earned on March 1


March 28, 2016 


Marco Rubio to Retain Five Alaska Delegates

 ANCHORAGE, AK – Former presidential candidate Marco Rubio has requested – and been granted – the right to keep the five delegates he won during the Alaska Republican Party’s Presidential Preference Poll on March 1.

“We treated the Marco Rubio campaign in the same manner we treated all other campaigns that suspended,” said Peter S. Goldberg, chairman of the Alaska Republican Party. “A suspended campaign means the candidate has dropped but needs to retain his campaign infrastructure in order to pay bills and close up operations. But in this case, we have today received a request from Senator Rubio stating his desire to retain the delegates bound to him, at least through the first nominating ballot at the national convention.”

The delegate count has been reset to: 

Ted Cruz: 12
Donald Trump: 11
Marco Rubio: 5 

 “Senator Rubio will have his five delegates at the national convention,” Goldberg said.

The Alaska State Convention is April 28-30 in Fairbanks, and the National Convention begins July 18 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Alaska will have 28 delegates and 25 alternates attending the national convention, the names of whom will be chosen during the state convention process.

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