Terre Gales for East Anchorage Assembly on April 5



Terre is a working class conservative, combat Air Force veteran (Iraq and Afghanistan), who works as a safety officer. 

Raised in a drug-infested neighborhood in Hampton, Va., he sought a better life and went USAF at age 19, and was stationed at Elmendorf.

Today, Terre and his wife own their home in East Anchorage, their children attend Anchorage public schools, and they are members of North Anchorage Church of God, where Terre serves as a youth mentor. 

Terre Gales is a fiscal hawk with a diverse life experience who will serve East Anchorage well, and help slay the tax-and-spend machine.

Learn more about Terre Gales with this short video on his life and his fiscal philosophy.

His opponent, Forrest Dunbar, has a stack of bills he can't pay, no job, plans to make the Assembly his stepping stone to a lifetime in politics, owns no property, so cares not a whiff about property taxes, and has no kids in public schools.

But with his ivy league degree, Big Union, Outside money, and Carhartt costume department, Forrest is the Democrats' next big hope, and he is banking on the name recognition he established in his failed challenge to Rep. Don Young two years ago.

Terre Gales is blocking Dunbar's liberal ambitions to make the Assembly his full-time job. 

This is your call to action. If everyone who reads this newsletter clicks on Terre Gales' Facebook page and contributes $25 (Donate button is on the side), he can do it.


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